Cause Célèbre?

I couldn’t let this go without an observation. 

On this day in history it’s said that Christopher Columbus first set foot in the Americas. The day is marked by celebrations in Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, and the United States. It’s not observed in Canada. However, whether you live in New Zealand, RSA, the Falklands, Halifax or Harare, the following still applies to you.

Apart from its comment on the current state of internecine conflict between right and left in the U.S., this cartoon should remind all of us exactly who’s responsible for the prosperity enjoyed by many people with European ancestry who don’t live in Europe, whether you’re descended from Pilgrims, convicts, Cabot, Columbus, or coureurs de bois
     Which side of the fence are you on. And no fair sittin’ on it!

A tip of my hat to one-time fellow grad-student Steve Silliman for posting it on his facebook page.

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