Late-Night Wine Tasting

My friends will tell you that I’m pretty boring when it comes to the kind of wine I like to drink. My cousin always said that life was too short to drink cheap wine. He was probably right. But I’m too poor to drink expensive wine. So, I have to do the best I can. I always ask the clerks at U-Save Liquors in Santa Cruz for the best cheap bottle of whatever varietal I’m looking for. I’ve been pretty lucky. They’ve never steered my wrong. Crane Lake, for example. $3-something for 750 ml, and a long list of favorites, most of which are very good quality. I won’t mention others for the same price that I wouldn’t cook with. If you’ve found a good buy, this is a good place to drop the name. You’ll certainly get a tip of my hat! [Added as an afterthought. Or a tip of the very bottle if you live close enough!]

5 thoughts on “Late-Night Wine Tasting

  1. Poor alcoholic that I am/was/am again/was….well, you get the picture—Poor drinker that I have at times been, I cringe at your mention of Crane Lake! I can't drink the white unless…I have to. (The read seems okay for an under-$5 bottle of jesus juice.)

    But, better than Rossi!


  2. Ooops! I meant to say “The _red_ seems okay..”

    Ha ha, I know what you mean. Do you drink the white or the red? I preferred the red myself. (Also, my poor opinion was affected by getting a couple of bottles that were badly corked.)


  3. Now that we're talking, I wonder if you could help me with a question that's just recently come to my attention about skin color in norther peoples, such as myself.
    I'd always assumed it was because of Vitamin D synthesis, although I've recently heard that it may have been sexual selection for paler-skinned females. Maybe both.
    But my real question is this:
    I'd always thought that it occurred quite early after humans emigrated from Africa. Today I read that white skin in Europeans may be only 10-20,000 years old!
    Any thoughts?
    (I ask you because you have an actual blog, and therefor EXPERTISE!)


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