All the Anthropology News That’s Fit to Print…er, Display!

If you haven’t already noticed, check out the kewl new addition to the SA up top: a media ‘tickertape,’ as it were. Might be reason enough to pop in once in a while, even if yours truly has lagged in the posting department.
     Much like the brooms in Walt Disney’s Fantasia, at my bidding Google is out there mindlessly gathering up-to-the-minute news items on: Archaeology, Archeology, Archaeologist, Archeologist,  Archaeologists, Archeologists, Archaeological, Archeological, Anthropology, Anthropologists, and Anthropological (for good measure). If, for one moment, you think that anthropology doesn’t matter, look again. Apparently the Governor of Florida thinks we’re effete. Say it ain’t so.
     Move over Fox News, it’s time for a ‘fair and balanced’ presentation of what really matters!

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