Xiaoze Xie: Resistant Archeology

This is happening a few hundred metres away from my office. Even if you can’t make it to the exhibition, you ought still to know that this artist thinks archaeology is a profound enterprise.

Detail from April–December 2008, G.Z.R.B. (Guangzhou Ri Bao), 2011

Xiaoze Xie: Resistant Archeology
Curated by Shelby Graham and Joyce Brodsky
October 12 – November 23, 2011

Xiaoze Xie was born in China in 1966 at the start of the Cultural Revolution and is currently the Paul L. and Phyllis Wattis Professor in Art at Stanford University.

This stunning exhibition of new larger-than-life paintings, prints and provocative video installation, showcases Xiaoze Xie’s use of books and newspapers to symbolize the fragile nature of compressed history and memory. His works are in the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, several distinguished private collections and are currently featured in a traveling exhibition from Bucknell University “Xiaoze Xie: Amplified Moments (1993–2008).”

Detail from Transience, 2011

Closed Nov. 11 for Veteran’s Day  
Gallery hours:
Tuesday–Saturday, 12–5 p.m.
Wednesday 128 p.m.

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