Artificial intelligence finds fossil sites

It’s Friday night and my brain’s dead. But! I can still find something to chuckle about while mindlessly watching the news ticker reveal the news to me like one of those magic cubes that can tell your future [They really can!]. Tonight it’s this: 

Artificial intelligence finds fossil sites

I can’t tell if it’s tongue in cheek or not. First of all, there’s going to be no artificial intelligence until we know what the real stuff looks like. Second of all, there have been some truly clueless vertebrate palaeontologists in history, and I wonder if they could have done any better with artificial intelligence. Finally, if artificial intelligence can find fossil sites, why have we been wasting our time all these years? With real intelligence going for us, shouldn’t we have been able to foresee a time when we could set an artificial intelligence do the prospecting and just sit back and sip gin and tonics in the shade?

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