Posting Over the Holidays…

I expect that most of the ever-faithful readership of The Subversive Archaeologist will be increasingly engaged with family and friends over the next couple of weeks. I hope none of you has to endure unpleasant company in keeping with the spirit of the season. I intend to spend as much time as possible this season enjoying pleasant spirits! For that reason alone I should probably try to limit my posting–wouldn’t want to say anything that I’d regret the next morning. Or the next year, for that matter! 
     As a gesture of gratitude for your continued support, I’m giving each and every one of you unfettered access to the SA archives over the holidays! Free. Gratis. 

[Yeah, well, I’m a bit light in the purse this month. So, as much as I’d like to smother you all in seasonal plenty, it’s the best I can do. At least my gratitude is plentiful and sincere!]

Happy Holidays, everyone! Merry Christmas! Good Yule! Enjoy the Festival of Lights. Go watch the Alistair Sim version of ‘A Christmas Carol’ or ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.’ Stare at a picture of Stonehenge. I’m gonna listen to Barbara Streisand singing Christmas songs, and practicing the horizontal handstand on my new Festivus pole!

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