Frustrated? Me, Too!

In February 2012 I violated the ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ law. I installed what I thought was going to be a superior commenting system to take the place of the one that was integrated with blogger, the ‘engine’ I use to create the Subversive Archaeologist. Unfortunately it didn’t work very well. So, I tried going back to the original system, and I failed miserably. 
    Here, I reproduce those comments that were lost in the shuffle, in hope that it’ll in some way make up for the screw-up. In reverse chronological order.

My response to Stan would be…they look like cores on elongated, tabular raw material. Best to let the authors do the talking, illustratively speaking. I know I’m not a flint-knapper. But jeebuz criminy, if these are prepared blade cores, I’m … well… I’m a dirty rascal!
They call this a blade core. Hmmm. 

If you or any other rock-knockers can see any way that this is evidence for a blade-production industry, I’m gonna give up my Ph.D.!

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