I Think This Means I’ve Made an Impression [More like a dent, it would seem.]

Some of you are acquainted with academia.edu, the academic’s Facebook [sort of]. Once you’ve set up your presence there, they’ll let you know if someone reads a paper of yours. And they’ll tell you whenever someone searches for you on the web. I happened to be visiting a moment ago because I’ve heard they will allow us to customize our front pages. Good news, that. There was an icon that said I had a new notification. Someone had Googled me! Check it out.

I’ll take that as a compliment.

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2 thoughts on “I Think This Means I’ve Made an Impression [More like a dent, it would seem.]

  1. It is worth following this up. You will find that someone else has googled you with this combination–me. And you know I do not associate you with the improper noun.
    When you look at it, the word moron does not apply to you but to someone else, even though the original searcher may have been desperately trying to prove that someone else thought you were worthy of the accolade.


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