Drowning….Not Waving!!!

I’ve been paddling madly, but the current just keeps pushing me further downstream. I received my new desktop the other day, and I completely stuffed up the ‘migration.’ I’m very lucky that it wasn’t a complete catastrophe. As it is, I painted myself into several corners at once, and although I’d been backing up like crazy, in the end I had to do a ‘reset to factory settings’ without a complete backup. I had some lucky stars shining on me, it seems… my emails were almost entirely backed up on my ISP’s server. I think that all I’ve lost are my browser bookmarks. Phew! But it’s taken days, and heaps of my mental and emotional energy, to get to a point where I might be able to go on as if nothing had happened. Sorry. I’ve been very busy over the past week or so–but not keeping up with the blog.
     There should be something emanating in the next 24 or 36 hours. So many crazy archaeological inferences; so little time.

SA announces new posts on the Subversive Archaeologist‘s facebook page (mirrored on Rob Gargett’s news feed), on Robert H. Gargett‘s Academia.edu page, Rob Gargett‘s twitter account, and his Google+ page. A few of you have already signed up to receive email when I post. Others have subscribed to the blog’s RSS feeds. You can also become a ‘member’ of the blog through Google Friend Connect. Thank you for your continued patronage. You’re the reason I do this.

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