Initiating Silent Running (Again!)

The unprepossessing new location of World Headquarters, complete with shag carpet and harvest gold electric stove. Any guesses as to the decade it was constructed? Hint: no doubt it was originally equipped with ceiling hooks for swag lamps and kitschy macramé plant hangers.

Your subversive archaeologist has been busily looking for work *”Work!“* *faints* these past few days. So, no subverting. Plenty of thinking about subverting, but nothing close to look-at-able. And now, I’m pleased to announce that there’s a new physical location for SA World Headquarters (see above). So, it’s time to move stuff in. Tomorrow I’ll be sweating away, moving my shit from its temporary home in a U-Haul U-Box in Ferndale, WA to the new digs in Birch Bay [I’ve yet to see a single individual of Betula, but I’m not giving up hope]. However, the back garden presents a pretty little archaeological riddle (see below). One embrownéd circle and another that’s rectilinear [érdekes! as an old friend used to say].

Thursday, after three weeks, I move out of this run-down motel in Blaine, WA [breathing the accumulated cigarette smoke of—I’m guessing—10 or more years and a persistent infestation of fruit flies that seem to have no fruit to fly around], home to the icon of international cooperation shown in the photo below.

The Peace Arch straddles the Canada—U.S. border in
north Blaine, WA/south Surrey, BC

O’ course, I’ll be moving myself into a house full of boxes [foresightedly annotated for easy retrieval of important stuff, such as toilet paper, my trusty all-in-one printer, and my Coleman inflatable bed—luxury!]. Then on Friday I attend a half-day workshop in Bellingham, WA on how to present myself to prospective employers using résumés and cover letters (two things which, among many other life skills I’ve never truly gotten the hang of—a set of circumstances that perhaps more than anything else explain why I’ve been successful in only three job searches in my entire life). Then it’ll be another few days before I can plug back in to the intertubes. During those few days any and all e-communication will be via my ever-handy, stunningly beautiful, iPhone 5.

Look for me right here upon my return. 😉


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